Current projects

GER 229

0-4-0ST 'Coffee Pot' built by Neilson's in Glasgow in 1876 (works no. 2116). The frames have been overhauled and the boiler is awaiting installation of a newly-made firebox.

Wallsend Slipway No. 3

0-4-0WT built by Borrows in St Helens in 1898 (works no. 37). On behalf of the Newcastle University Railway Society, investigative works have been undertaken so far.

LSWR T3 456

4-4-0 built by the LSWR in Nine Elms in 1893. On behalf of the Swanage Railway Trust a comprehensive overhaul is being undertaken.

The King

0-4-0WT built by Borrows in St Helens in 1906 (works no. 53). On behalf of Phillip Steer, extensive work has been done to the frames and a new firebox installed in the boiler. The next stage of work is to replace the angle ring and front tubeplate, rivet in the foundation ring, and restay the firebox.


0-4-0ST Built by Avonside in Bristol in 1906 (works no. 1498). On behalf of the Llanelli and Mynydd Mawr railway the locomotive is being evaluated prior to completion of an overhaul started at the Llangollen Railway.

GWR 5521

2-6-2T 'Small Prairie' built by the GWR at Swindon in 1927. After a 10-year overhaul final assembly and hydraulic testing of the boiler have been suspended pending resolution of the pandemic.

GWR 5538

2-6-2T 'Small Prairie' built by the GWR at Swindon in 1928. On behalf of Mike Little work has been largely completed on the frames, and the boiler is receiving a new front barrel section, tubeplate and smokebox.

King Faisal of Iraq

0-6-0ST 'Austerity' built by Hunslet in Leeds in 1944 (works no. 3183). Work has commenced on overhauling the frames.

Earl David (boiler)

0-6-0ST 'Austerity' built by Barclay in Kilmarnock in 1945 (works no. 2183). On behalf of Andrew Goodman work has commenced on repairing the inner firebox.

GWR 9642

0-6-0PT built by the GWR at Swindon in 1946. On behalf of Andrew Goodman we are overhauling the frames.